Laurie Freedman, MSc Animal Science

Studying Veterinary Medicine at University College Dublin in Ireland

"After completing my BSc in Animal Biology and a Veterinary Technician diploma in Ontario, Canada, I wanted to further my education in order to open the door on new opportunities for myself and my future career. Studying for a MSc in Animal Science at Aberystwyth University certainly did just that.  By completing my MSc in a different country from my home environment, I welcomed the challenge of new learning experiences and exposure to innovative research that is emerging in animal sciences in the UK.

I was initially drawn to the MSc Animal Science programme at Aberystwyth University because it gave me the opportunity to learn about both livestock and equine sciences without having to focus solely on one species. I also enjoyed learning about a wide range of topics within the modules that were offered. The dissertation provided me with the opportunity to complete an in depth study of my specific interest whilst creating my own research. Throughout the twelve months of this programme I always found the lecturers to be very supportive and approachable. Whilst at Aberystwyth University I found the academic work to be very challenging.  But in looking back on my year of study, I realize what a good foundation I received that along with my previous educational endeavours has helped me prepare for my current studies in Veterinary Medicine. Presently, I have completed the first of four years for my MVB at University College Dublin in Ireland. I thoroughly enjoyed my year at Aberystwyth University and I will always cherish the friends and great memories I made along the way."