Ruth Clamp, MSc Animal Science

Studying for PhD at Aberystwyth University

"After completing a BSc in Equine and Human Sport Science at Aberystwyth, I decided to develop my scientific knowledge of a wider range of animals by undertaking the Animal Science MSc course. The MSc was a challenge which I enjoyed. I liked the course design, giving core subjects that gave a good broad biological knowledge of the subject areas and also option modules which develop the core modules further in either equine or livestock areas. Lecturers on the course were very helpful and willing to help when needed.

Throughout the MSc I developed an interest in immunology and endocrinology. I completed my dissertation looking at the innate immune response within bovine mammary epithelial cells. This and many other skills that I learnt on the MSc course helped me to obtain Aberystwyth Doctoral Career Development Scheme funding to study for a PhD in bovine endometrial endocrinology and immunology."