Sarah Parkinson, MSc Animal Science

Equine and Animal Nutritionist, Allen and Page

"I chose to study for my MSc in Animal Science after I discovered my love for nutrition during my studies for my BSc in Bioveterinary Science.  I chose this degree to broaden my scientific knowledge and focus more on the specific nutrition for livestock and horses.  The MSc pushed me academically and helped improve my knowledge not only in well-established subjects but also opened up areas of new research that is of extreme current importance within the food chain and also the environment.   My dissertation looking at poultry nutrition helped me to improve my critical thinking, planning and scientific writing skills. 

Since graduating from Aberystwyth I moved straight into the animal nutrition sector.  I am currently an equine and animal nutritionist working for Allen & Page.  The experiences and knowledge that I have gained at Aberystwyth have been invaluable in helping me get to where I am now and preparing me for a career in science."