Aberystwyth University showcases research to Ministers in London

Welsh Secretary David TC Davies (right) and Dr Kerrie Farrar from Aberystwyth University (left)

Welsh Secretary David TC Davies (right) and Dr Kerrie Farrar from Aberystwyth University (left)

18 October 2023

Aberystwyth University scientists have discussed their research with UK Government Ministers at an event in London showcasing the very best of Welsh research and innovation.  

Dr Kerrie Farrar and Professor Richard Lucas demonstrated their research on Miscanthus and the global land monitoring project ‘Living Earth’ at the event, which was attended by the Welsh Secretary David TC Davies and UK Science Minister George Freeman.

Hosted by the Wales Office and Wales Innovation Network, the event at Lancaster House highlighted the strength and breadth of Welsh university research, and its ability to deliver tangible benefits to communities in Wales, the UK and across the world.

The UK Government has made a commitment to invest nearly £40 billion in research and development between 2022 and 2025. Welsh universities are well-placed to access more funding for research with a push to increase funding to areas of the UK outside the southeast of England by at least 40% by 2030.    

Welsh Secretary David TC Davies said:  

“I was delighted to welcome Welsh universities to this very special event and demonstrate the UK Government’s commitment to the higher education sector. It was a great opportunity for UKRI to get a flavour of some of the incredible research and innovation that’s already taking place in Wales across all of our universities.   

“I want Welsh universities to play a vital role in positioning the UK at the forefront of R&D, and I hope this event has helped us make progress towards that common goal.”    

Professor Angela Hatton, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Knowledge Exchange and Innovationat Aberystwyth University said: 

“It was a pleasure to meet the Ministers and a great opportunity to showcase some of the world-leading research and innovation taking place at Aberystwyth University.

“With a sustainably-funded research and innovation sector we can continue to create economic and societal impact for this and future generations.” 

Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser, Chief Executive of UKRI, said:   

“There are remarkable research and innovation strengths in Welsh universities, and the wider Welsh research and innovation system. In my visits to Wales and meetings with Welsh stakeholders, I’ve talked to many brilliant people including early career researchers and entrepreneurs, technicians, local community and global research leaders.  

“Welsh universities are highly successful at winning research funding from across UKRI, with success rates similar to the rest of the UK. These projects powerfully demonstrate how Welsh universities are advancing research across a wide range of areas, and driving innovation and economic growth, benefiting the whole UK and beyond.”