Biology That Delivers Volume 2 - 2017


HEALTHY Environment

1. Developing industrial processes for the emerging bio-economy (Donnison)
2. The impact of climate change on ruminant agriculture in the UK (Newbold)
3. Conservation biomass and its potential as a bioenergy feedstock for Wales (Fraser)

HEALTHY Plants & Animals ‌

4. Optimising  oat varieties for end user requirements (Marshall)
5. Sequencing the red clover genome (Skøt)
6. Training the next generation of plant breeders in industry-relevant research skills (Thorogood)

HEALTHY Business

7. Supporting meat traceability in the supply chain using genetic assays (Hegarty)
8. Home grown forages as sustainable protein feed (Marley)
9. Delivering innovative training and education opportunities to farmers (Spittle)


10. Reducing Campylobacter infection in chickens to reduce the risk of food poisoning (Pachebat)
11. Healthier meat and milk – linking rumen microbiology and plant breeding (Shingfield/Morales)
12. Increasing public understanding of frailty in older adults and how to prevent it (Arkesteijn)
13. Colour vision and attraction in tsetse flies: colour engineering for optimised control devices (Santer)

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