IGER Innovations 1, 1997


Research Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock (255kb)

Plants for all seasons
Harry Thomas, Mike Humphreys, Catherine Howarth and Andy Bettany (381kb)

Manipulating the chemical composition of plants
Phil Morris and Mark Robbins (365kb)

Sucrose and invertase, an uneasy alliance
Christine Foyer, Alison Kingston-Smith and Chris Pollock (365kb)

Nodules under the molecular microscope
Judith Webb, Leif Skøt and Tony Gordon (328kb)

New clovers for the new millennium
Athole Marshall, Terry Michaelson-Yeates, Michael Abberton and Ian Rhodes (680kb)

Improving grass leaf growth
Peter Wilkins, James Macduff and Andy Williams (327kb)

Exploiting protein from alternative crops for UK livestock production
Roger Merry and Raymond Jones (573kb)

Tracking gut fungi in the digestive tract ecosystem
Jayne Brookman and Mike Theodorou (496kb)

Grazing behaviour of ruminants
Malcolm Gibb and Robert Orr (373kb)

Phosphorus losses from grassland soils: new understanding and concepts
Phil Haygarth (518kb)

Bibliographical Information (editors, etc) (6kb)