IGER Innovations 2, 1998

Research Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock (68 kb)

Ring in the new, ring out the old
Howard Thomas, Helen Ougham and Stefan Hörtensteiner (363 kb)

Putting genes on arms
Ian Armstead, Ian King, Gareth Morgan and Huw Martin Thomas (274 kb)

Are antioxidants the key to ensuring crop and meat quality?
Christine Foyer and Richard Dewhurst (203 kb)

Protect and survive: research on plant micro organism interactions to improve crop health
Roger Cook, Tim Carver, Bill Eason, Hywel Roderick and Judith Webb (411 kb)

Modern turf for the modern game
Danny Thorogood (372 kb)

Forages, fat, fitness and flavour
Richard Dewhurst and Nigel Scollan (365 kb)

Natural products from temperate plants: the way ahead for drugs discovery?
Robert J Nash (438 kb)

Fertilizer strategies for efficiency and the environment
Lorna Brown and David Scholefield (305 kb)

Naturally novel genes for sustainable grasslands
Ruaraidh Sackville Hamilton, Ken Chorlton and Ian Thomas (527 kb)

Efficient use of upland pastures
Arthur Davies, Mick Fothergill and John Roger Jones (417 kb)

Bibliographical Information (editors, etc) (5 kb)