IGER Innovations 3, 1999

Research Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock (54 kb)

Sweetness and Light: the role of sucrose in higher plants
Chris Pollock, Andy Cairns, Joe Gallagher, John Farrar1, Deri Tomos1 and Olga Koroleva1 (123 kb)

'New' Genes for 'New' Grasses?
Andy Bettany and Sue Dalton (383 kb)

How Busy are Bees - modelling the pollination of clover
Athole Marshall, Terry Michaelson-Yeates and Ingrid Williams2 (354 kb)

Oats - the way forward
John Valentine (413 kb)

Harnessing Hybrids for Home-produced Feed
Llinos Jones and Mervyn Humphreys (417 kb)

Biodiversity and Sustainability of Grasslands
Ruaraidh Sackville Hamilton and Anne Cresswell (303 kb)

Plant Proteases: the link between plant death and animal life?
Alison Kingston-Smith, Iain Donnison, Paul Robson and Mike Theodorou (435 kb)

Ammonia Emissions from Agriculture
Brian Pain and Steve Jarvis (364 kb)

Feeding Dry Cows - down but not out
Jon Moorby and Richard Dewhurst (179 kb)

Organic Farming: opportunities for dairy farmers
Steve Cuttle, Richard Weller and Evan Jones (274 kb)

Bibliographical Information (editors, etc) [pdf 8 kb]