IGER Innovations 5, 2001

Research Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock (129 kb)

Tooling up for Functional Genomics
Mike Abberton, Iain Donnison, Phil Morris, Helen Ougham, Mark Robbins and Howard Thomas  (577 kb)

New ways to stay green
Paul Robson, Iain Donnison, Danny Thorogood, Sandy Cowan, Helen Ougham and Howard Thomas (1361 kb)

The Ups and Downs of a Plant Pathogen's Early Life
Tim Carver, Alison Wright and Barry Thomas (626 kb)

A new era for White clover
Ian Rhodes (222 kb)

Red clover and the future for pasture legumes as an alternative protein source for ruminants
Ana Winters and Frank Minchin (530 kb)

Grass sugars make milk production sweeter
Jon Moorby (384 kb)

BSE and Scrapie: the search for diagnostics tests
Paul Begley (722 kb)

Biodiversity in soils
Phil Murray and roger Cook (417 kb)

Soil quality: manifestations, mechanisms and measurement
John Witty and Lance Mytton (392 kb)

Estimation of nitrous oxide emissions from UK agriculture
Lorna Brown and Steve Jarvis (242 kb)

Bibliographical Information (editor, etc) (52 kb)