IGER Innovations 6, 2002

Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock (27kb)

Starch Accumulation in Temperate Forage Grasses
Andy Cairns (63kb)

Mapping out the future for grasses
Mervyn Humphreys, Ian Armstead, Danny Thorogood, Lesley Turner (90kb)

Successful Marker assisted selection for drought tolerance and disease resistance in pearl millet
Cathy Howarth and Rattan Yadav (100kb)

Strategies for improving stress tolerance in white clover
Rosemary Collins, Athole Marshall and Michael Abberton (127kb)

Enhancing the biodiversity and landscape value of grasslands
Alan Hopkins and Jerry Tallowin (162kb)

Soil Microbial Ecology and Plant Root Interactions
Chris Clegg and Phil Murray (70kb)

The impact of novel slurry application techniques on ammonia emissions, silage quality and sward acceptance by grazing cattle
Dave Chadwick and John Laws (106kb)

Breathalysers and Urine Tests for Cows
Richard Dewhurst (72kb)

Health Foods for Horses
Annette Longland and Meriel Moore Colyer (76kb)

Extension and knowledge transfer initiatives
Bryan Evans, Arthur Davies and Raymond Jones (84kb)

Bibliographic information (52 kb)