IGER Innovations 8, 2004

Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock

Suck It And See: Analysis of gene activity in plants at the single cell level
Joe Gallagher, Tim Carver, Leif Skøt, Chris Pollock, (IGER Aberystwyth, UK), Gjetting T, Lyngkjær MF (Danish National Laboratory, Risø, Denmark), Lu C, Koroleva A, Farrar JF, Tomos AD (University of Wales, Bangor, UK)

The challenge of reproduction
Paul Robson, Sue Dalton and Phil Morris

Recent Gains from Forage Grass Breeding
Pete Wilkins and Alan Lovatt

Mapping the future of white clover breeding
Michael Abberton, Terry Michaelson-Yeates, Andy Williams, Charlotte Bowen, Athole Marshall (IGER); John Forster (team leader, Plant Genetics and Genomics Platform, DPI-Bundoora , Victoria , Australia ); Ken Pearson, Russell Thompson and Ray Moran (Scottish Agricultural Services Agency)

Reducing Post-Harvest Losses of Forage Protein
Alison Kingston-Smith, Frank Minchin, Phil Morris and Ana Winters

Producing sweet silage for efficient rumen fermentation
Dave Davies and Roger Merry

New Technologies to Identify Markers of Disease in Livestock
Gordon Allison, Jon Moorby and Raymond Jones

Climate Change Impacts and Grassland
Alan Hopkins

Pathogen Export from Grassland Systems
Phil Hobbs, Dave Davies and Phil Haygarth

Greenhouse gas emissions from organic and conventional farming systems and options for mitigation
Sirwan Yamulki

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