IGER Innovations 9, 2005


Director's Introduction
Professor Chris Pollock

Molecular and Applied Genetics
Ian King, Iain Donnison, Helen Ougham, Julie King, Sid Thomas

Grass Traits and Varieties
Mike Humphreys

Non-Forage Crops
John Valentine, Tim Carver, John Clifton-Brown, Sandy Cowan, Chris Duller, Bryan Evans, Catherine Howarth and Tim Langdon

New Traits and New Tools: Forage legume breeding post CAP reform
Michael T. Abberton, Rosemary Collins, Athole H. Marshall, K. Judith Webb and L. Skøt

Plant Cell Biology: Identification and manipulation of plant quality traits
Phil Morris, Mark Robbins, Joe Gallagher and Ana Winters

Nutrition and Microbiology
Nigel Scollan, David Davies, Alison Kingston-Smith and Frank Minchin

Livestock Systems and Integrated Land Use
Raymond Jones

Soil Science and Environmental Quality
Phil Haygarth and David Scholefield

Behavioural and Community Ecology: Understanding mechanisms driving biodiversity in pasture-based systems
Andrew Rook, Jerry Tallowin, Mark Rutter, Robert Orr, Alan Hopkins, and Malcolm Gibb

Manures and Farm Resources
Dave Chadwick, Phil Hobbs, John Laws, Tom Misselbrook and Sirwan Yamulki

IGER Science in Society
Howard Thomas, Chris Pollock, Tony Gordon

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