IGER Innovations 11, 2007

Director’s Introduction
Prof Mervyn Humphreys

Improvement of bioenergy crop quality
Iain Donnison, Edward Hodgson and Gordon Allison

Making bioenergy work
John Valentine, Chris Duller and Maurice Hinton-Jones

A future for UK grassland in energy production?
Andy Cairns, Joe Gallagher, Rob Hatch and Mervyn Humphreys

Asian elephant grass (Miscanthus) for bioenergy
John Clifton-Brown and John Valentine

Natural products and feedstocks from plants
Phil Morris and Robert Nash (Vastox Wales Ltd)

Biotransformation and fermentation – exploiting the rumen and silo
Dave Davies, Mike Theodorou and Jamie Newbold (Institute of Rural Sciences, University of Wales, Aberyswyth)

Biogas for agriculture
Phil Hobbs, Alastair Ward and Guillermo Pardo

The biorefining of biorenewables
Steve Fish

Environmental Implications of farming for bioenergy and biorenewables
Les Firbank


Bio-energy for a changing world
Jim Skea, Research Director, UK Energy Research Centre

Biocomposites from crop fibres and resins
Paul A Fowler, J Mark Hughes and Robert M Elias, BioComposites Centre, University of Wales, Bangor


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