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The Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences (IBERS) is an internationally-recognised research and teaching centre providing a unique base for research in response to global challenges such as food security, bioenergy and sustainability, and the impacts of climate change. IBERS' scientists conduct research on genes and molecules, whole organisms and the environment.

Work within our research groups is focused on a number of interrelating areas:

Animal Systems

Aquatic, Behavioural and Evolutionary Biology (ABEB)

Biomass Conversion and Biorefining

Breeding Methodologies, Reproductive Biology, Epigentics

Diet Exercise and Health

Ecology & Evolution

Herbivore Gut Ecosystems


Molecular Biosystems

Parasitology and Epidemiology

Plant Biology for the Sustainable Bio economy

Plant Genome and Chromosome Biology

Public Good and Abiotic Stress Breeding

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