Research and Strategic Funding

The IBERS Research and Strategic Funding Team comprises staff members dedicated to building and maintaining partnerships, developing collaborative research and development activity and securing funds for large, multi-partner, strategic projects.  Our specific responsibilities include:


The Research and Strategic Funding team work closely with science theme and research group leaders  to build, maintain, and promote partnerships with industry, business and public sector organisations, both in the UK and internationally.
We work within IBERS promoting internal dialogue to develop new project opportunities, and to ensure close and effective working relationships among IBERS researchers; between IBERS researchers and the Research and Enterprise Director; and with the University Commercialisation and Consultancy Services (CCS). We also seek to build partnerships with other departments of the University through organising targeted activities on areas of mutual or overlapping interest, to encourage new collaborations.
As part of our contribution to wider networking and knowledge exchange we undertake regular engagement with the Welsh Assembly Government and the UK Government, to inform the delivery of policy-ready applied and strategic research.

Collaborative Research and Development

The Research and Strategic Funding team, in collaboration with partners and theme and research group leaders, undertake horizon scanning activities identifying opportunities for public and private sector funding.   We provide support in the preparation and drafting of funding proposals, in particular large, multi-partner bids and those aimed at delivering key strategic economic or social impacts. We also play a role in continual assessment of the institute’s needs and capabilities at researcher level, mapping this information onto the IBERS strategy in order to deliver bespoke support.

Profile-raising and positioning for the future

The Research and Strategic Funding team value networking and profile-raising activities very highly.  We represent IBERS at conferences, workshops and consortium building events, including selected trade shows, where IBERS recognises an institute presence is needed and where potential new academic and commercial partners can be identified.  We also network with the major funding bodies that support IBERS research including the Knowledge Transfer Networks and Research Councils gathering intelligence on, and feeding into, new funding directions, priorities and opportunities.  As an aid to promoting IBERS, we work in collaboration with the IBERS Communication Manager developing promotional materials, capability statements, case studies and impact statements. IBERS INNOVATIONS

Intelligence gathering

The Research and Strategic Funding team collate and prepare intelligence to ensure that IBERS collaborative research portfolio is strategically aligned with the vision and direction of the Welsh and UK Government economic, social and environmental policies.  We carry out market research to identify potential partners, customers and competitors associated with core areas of research within the institute. Commissioning market reports or generating internal market reports (with access to appropriate databases) ensures up-to-date information is available for use in guiding and supporting industrial and commercial collaborative funding bids.  Our team are also proactive in exploring opportunities to maximise commercial and research outputs from existing or planned new facilities.