Precise Ag Events

PreciseAg Further Education Student event 2019

Students from Glynllifon, Coleg Gwent, Coleg Cambria Llysfasi, Coleg Sir Gar and Newtown College attending PreciseAg event

IBERS Agricultural Innovation event 2019

Event space on Gogerddan Farm 

PreciseAg information stand 

Dr Manod Williams discussing precision agriculture in livestock 

Dr Rhys Jones discussing parasite control strategies 

Farming Connect Innovation and Diversification Wales 2019

CPD event with FE Colleges in Wales offering Land based subjects 

Well attend event with representation from Llysfasi, Coleg Sir Gar, Coleg Gwent, and Glynllyfon 

CPD event included demonstration of research data collected and methods of data analysis 

Also part of the event was a practical lab demonstration of the tools being developed 

Royal Welsh Show 


Work Package 1 - Sheep parasite risk

Snail hunting - Snails are the host for liver fluke prior to sheep and cattle 

Field sampling - Water pools on wet fields can be sampled in the field to asses presence of snails or fluke 

Ewes following lambing selected for range of ages for inclusion into behavioural parasitology study 

Individual faecal samples collected and matched 

Sheep information and health scoring taken 

GPS collars for application 

GPS collars applied for long term studie of sheep behaviour 

GPS collars applied to second trial ewe group in North Wales 



Work package 2 - Lambing

Ewes for trial selected for range of ages and even split of single and twins 

Sheep Age check and body condition tested 

Hobo Accelerometer device secure to hind leg 

Lameness score taken 

Ewes with Accelerometers 

Sheep monitored 24/7 via CCTV systems 

First lambs of the trial 


Work package 3 & 4 - Calves and Cattles

Cattle feeding assesed using head mounted accelerometer 

  • Calf health scoring example based on Wisconsin health scoring system 

  • Cattle Health scoring 

  • Cattle Lameness scoring with head and leg mounted accelerometers 

Work package 5 - Parasite pasture management

First lambs of the pasture sweeping experiment selected and ready to go 


ProSweeper Doing the rounds on the padocks

PreciseAg Images


Ceredigion Careers event 

Y Tir Article 2019

Stapledon Centre Precision Agriculture Showcase - Presentation Dr Rhy Jones 

Cows on Tour - Snowdon


 Cows on Tour Aberystwyth 

National Science week stand 2019

CARAS Innovation event 2019

 NSA wales event Glynllifon alongside Bioinovation group