Breeding Methodologies and Reproductive Biology

Who we are and what we do

The Breeding Methodologies group is formed of researchers working on a variety of plant and animal systems within IBERS, but primarily focuses on plant species including Lolium, legumes, oats and Miscanthus.

We are primarily interested in developing new approaches to plant breeding, developing novel technologies for genotyping and phenotyping and identifying the genetic basis of traits useful to breeders and for conservation.

The research programmes embrace modern genomics and are designed to underpin crop improvement programmes for inbreeding and outbreeding species. Methodologies developed are appropriate for a wide range of other species and our work also encompasses red kites, Welsh ponies, meat traceability, sticklebacks, snakes and woodmice.

The group benefits from close engagement with IBERS’ Public Good Plant Breeding Research Group which provides a test bed for hypothesis testing and integration of new breeding strategies for crop improvement.

Our research is focused on the following areas:

Group members

Dr Catherine Howarth (Group Leader) Professor John Doonan Dr Anyela Camargo-Rodriguez Dr Matt Hegarty
Dr Leif Skøt Dr Danny Thorogood Ms Victoria Avila Dr Tina Blackmore
Dr Fiona Corke Dr Rob McMahon Mr Peter Muth Dr Candida Nibau
Dr Dan Smith Mr Ianto Thomas Dr Gancho Slavov Dr Maciec Bisega
Dr Rhys Kelly Mrs Kirsten Skøt Dr Charley Potter Mrs Angharad Evans
Mrs Andi Macfarlane   
PhD students

Lu Liu
Odin Moron-Garcia
Maria Jose Martinez
Ilze Sjujina
Hazel Stuart
Shisheng Wang


National Plant Phenomics Centre (NPPC)

Next-generation sequencing and genotyping


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