Diet, Exercise and Health

The Diet, Exercise and Health group in IBERS is uniquely placed in the UK to link plant/animal breeding and chemical phenotyping of food raw materials with international studies on the causal relationship between diet, exercise and health.

Working with both humans and domesticated animals this team has developed major external collaborations with clinical and veterinary centres of excellence to exploit metabolomics, genomics and bioinformatics technology to address key bottlenecks in nutrition research. We also examine the interaction of diet and physical activity in the management of chronic conditions and how dietary and activity advice can be realised in free-living populations, with a specific focus on the rural environment.

For example we are heading up collaborations with major UK clinical centres in Cambridge, London and Newcastle expert in human nutrition to develop ‘biomarkers’ of key foods and validate a urine composition screening ‘pipe line’ suitable for large scale epidemiological studies of dietary exposure.

With a focus on the use of metabolomics technology the group has developed collaborations with clinical experts having an interest in the development of chemical fingerprint screening methods for human diseases. Core strategic research programmes centre on enhancing the quality of animal products to meet the rapidly changing requirements of consumers for food which is safe, healthy, traceable, of consistent eating quality, diverse and convenient.

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