Parasitology and Epidemiology

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By engaging in basic science, co-evolutionary-driven and systems-based investigations, we are collectively addressing some of the world’s major health problems caused by biomedical and veterinary pathogens.

Our Research

Studying molecular and biochemical parasitology, the landscape/spatial epidemiology of vector borne diseases and the evolutionary and immunological implications of host/parasite interactions, our research interests span a variety of disciplines and is funded by BBSRCInnovate UK, the Wellcome TrustLife Sciences Research Network Wales (LSRNW) and the Welsh Government. We also work in partnership with private commercial and industrial entities and other academic institutions.

Our expertise includes gene level investigations, application of functional genomics-based technologies, high-throughput compound screening, biomarker discovery, host-parasite interactions, immunological investigations, evolutionary studies, ecological epidemiology, mathematical modelling, GIS, satellite and aerial remote sensing and climate modelling. Our studies consider a range of infectious diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, protozoa, microsporidia and helminths.

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