Plant Biology for the Sustainable Bioeconomy

The Plant Biology for the Sustainable Bio economy (PBSB) group is focused on research around the areas of plant production, biomass and sustainability.

The group undertakes internationally recognised plant biology and breeding relevant to biomass production by:

  • Collecting and characterising relevant germplasm in the centre's of diversity.
  • Breeding high yielding hybrids with drought, cold, heavy metal resilience to allow plants to grown on marginal lands in current and future climates.
  • Aims to understand and manipulate flowering and senescence for breeding better hybrids.
The research performed, underpins sustainable and low carbon futures using techniques such as Nutrient management, N-fixation, K-recycling and Carbon sequestration.
Working together with industries, PBSB aims to turn science into innovation to help meet the end user requirements and crop design specifications, breeding seed based hybrids and matching agronomy.
Creating a training environment for research students and engagement with schools, public and policy makers are also key PBSB objectives.

PBSB Research