Plant Genome and Chromosome Biology

Who we are and what we do

Members of PGCB undertake varied research into the biology of grasses, cereals and legumes. The focus of our research is on applying genomic, cytogenetic and bioinformatic analyses in the generation and analysis of novel crop plant phenotypes.

Within PGCB we have particular interests in:

Group Members

Dr Ian Armstead, Dr Narcis Fernandez-Fuentes, Dr Glyn Jenkins, Dr Tim Langdon, Dr Adriana Ravagnani, Mr Alan Gay, Dr Lin Huang, Dr Leif Skøt, Dr Dylan Phillips, Ms Ann Thomas, Mr John Harper, Mrs Caron James, 

Dr Dagmara Gasior, Mr Simon Betts, Mrs Charlotte Jones, Maciej Bisaga.


The National Plant Phenomics Centre (NPPC)