Forage grass breeding for efficient sustainable ruminant production


Grass breeding at IBERS is focused on the development of novel varieties, predominantly of ryegrasses, which are the most widely used grass species in UK agriculture. Our work is closely associated with the development of selection criteria and novel populations and approaches being developed in conjunction with the Breeding Methodologies Group.  The breeding is  sponsored by Defra through the Sustainable Livestock Production (SLP) LINK Programme,  with commercialisation of varieties funded by Germinal Holdings Ltd. Germinal Holdings also fully fund an amenity grass breeding programme at IBERS.


Mrs Sheena Duller
Mr Raymond Davies
Mr Dylan Powell Jones

Technology transfer

IBERS ensures wide availability of seed of its grass and clover varieties to all UK and Irish farmers through commercial partners Germinal Holdings Ltd (British Seed Houses in England , Wales and Scotland, McCauslands in N.Ireland and Germinal Ireland in the Republic of Ireland). A number of new varieties in all the important species are currently available and the breeding expertise of IBERS combined with the marketing experience of Germinal will enable grassland farmers to face future challenges with confidence.

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Forage Grass Breeding

Amenity Grass Breeding at IBERS