Studying Social Science at Aberystwyth

What is Social Science?

Social Science is disciplined curiosity about the relations between people. You can explore the forms of cooperation and conflict that shape human societies, the role of class, gender, religion and ethnicity in social groups, and the challenges that peoples have faced in trying to live together amicably.

The Aberystwyth programme draws on the expertise of world-leading scholars in Geography, History, International Politics and Psychology. They will help you develop advanced research skills in order to understand human groups. Such skills are also highly valued by employers.

Interdisciplinary training is central to the programme. You will learn how to make connections between different disciplines and to see things ‘in the round’.  We attach great importance to understanding the psychological dimensions of human interaction, to thinking historically about societies, to be sensitive to the difference of culture and place, and to think about the human dimensions of the rapid global changes that are evident in the modern world.  

‌Teaching and Assessment

Students are usually taught through a combination of lectures, seminar discussion, and research skills training sessions.

All lectures provide an overview of key themes and lay the foundations for small group discussion in seminars.  Students are encouraged to think creatively and independently about module themes, and to explore ideas in collaboration with others.

Module assessment takes different forms that include short and long essays, end of semester examinations, oral reports and learning portfolios.