Job hunting

How will the current situation / cancellation of exams affect my future job hunting?

Remember that everyone will be in the same situation and employers will be well aware of the implications.  Contact the Careers Service with any concerns by sending a query through the on-line portal ABERcareers, or email, and they will contact you to discuss your specific situation.

I’m a final year and I need help with my CV/application/job hunt etc

Send your query to the Careers Service through the on-line portal ABERcareers, or email with your specific enquiry, and they will help you with any aspect of your future job hunting.

What can I do if I have graduated from university but am unable to find work due to COVID-19?

Whilst there has been a reduction in the number of vacancies being advertised in recent months, employers are still recruiting and there are jobs out there.  Check out the vacancies and information on offer by the Careers Service.  

However, if you are faced with this situation, you may be eligible to receive some financial support from the Government. To find out more about this you can contact Job Centre Plus.
You can also run a benefit entitlement check online yourself through the following webpage before contacting your local job centre.

I cannot find work or a graduate internship because of COVID-19. Should I return to study?

Although this maybe a daunting time, you may wish to use this opportunity to think about staying on in education through undertaking Postgraduate study.  Why not speak with one of our Careers Consultants to discuss all your options, simply book an appointment in ABERcareers or email Employers are still recruiting (check out, and we can discuss those options and Postgraduate study with you.  A list of PG courses offered at Aberystwyth are available here:

You can find out what student finance funding you would be eligible to receive through the following links:
Student Finance Wales
Student Finance England
However, please remember to factor in that you would be expected to pay your tuition fees yourself out of this loan.
You can use the following link to help you plan your finances and explore whether staying on in education could work for you

I am an international student on a visa, what are my options after I graduate?

The International Student Adviser will be able to provide you with advice on what options are available to you if you wish to look for work in the UK or continue studying after you finish your course.  You are welcome to contact the International Student Adviser on