Accommodation - Frequently asked questions



Living in Residences

What are the guidelines for students living in shared accommodation - January 2021?

What should I do if I have Covid-19 symptoms?

If you live in shared accommodation, you must tell those you live with if you:

  • Feel unwell and think you may have coronavirus
  • Have been advised to self-isolate

For the up to date list of symptoms and details of how to self-isolate, follow the Welsh Government guidance available at

Also see:  What to do if you are experiencing symptoms   

Am I allowed to use residential social spaces?

In order to help us to keep everyone safe, students cannot currently use the following social spaces: 

  • Sgubor 4, Fferm Penglais
  • Y Ffald, Fferm Penglais
  • Lolfa Fawr, Pantycelyn
  • Junior Common Room, Pantycelyn


If one of my housemates is traced as a contact of someone who tested positive, do I also need to self-isolate?

No. Based on government guidance, the individual who has been identified as a contact of someone who has tested positive must self-isolate for 10 days.  However, where they live with others (who aren’t part of the same household as the person who has tested positive), the other occupants of the household do not need to self-isolate. You should nevertheless avoid contact with the individual who is self-isolating within the household as far as possible and follow advice on hygiene etc.


I’m having difficulty getting online and connecting to the University network. What shall I do?

Visit the Information Services website or call the Information Services Helpline on 01970 62(2400).

Who can I contact for other support?

You can contact our student support services at any time through Find out more at