Supporting your learning

Teaching and learning

Managing your calendar


Here are some suggestions for what you’ll need to do during your week.

Preparing for in-person sessions

  • In-person sessions will be timetabled during the week
  • Have a look in your Outlook calendar to find out when your classes are and where you need to go
  • Take your AberCard with you; don’t lend your card to anyone else or use someone else’s card.
  • Login to Blackboard to find your preparation for the class. This might be reading, watching lecture recordings etc
  • Follow any instructions for attending the class
  • Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute
  • Any problems? Contact your lecturer


Participating in Teams Sessions

  • You’ll be using Teams for online teaching and meetings (see Taking Part In Lectures, Seminars Or Tutorials Via Teams FAQs)
  • To use Teams you’ll need
    • A computer or mobile device connected to the internet
    • A microphone and speakers, or a headset. We recommend a headset because this cuts down on background noise.
    • A webcam. These are often built-in to a laptop or mobile device. If you can use a webcam it will help your lecturer and other students, see you
  • Teams installed on your computer. You can do these for free following the instructions at
  • Make a test call to check that everything is working
  • Watch our videos on joining a Teams meeting
  • When you are in a call:
    • Mute your mic unless you are talking
    • Use a background to your video if you don’t want others to see your room
    • Treat everyone with dignity and respect – listen to each other and don’t interrupt.
  • Any problems with Teams? Contact


Watching Lecture Recordings

  • Set aside time watch your recordings and take notes
  • All recordings will be in the Blackboard site for your module – look in Learning Materials.
  • Click on the link to the recording to open it
  • Any problems using Panopto? Contact


Using Blackboard


Preparing for Assignments

  • Add your assignment deadlines to your calendar – you can find these on Blackboard under the Assignment and Feedback link
  • Have a look at our resources on writing essays and assignments on AberSkills
  • Find out about Essential Aspects of Academic Practice
  • Learn how to cite correctly the information sources you use in your assignments by taking the Referencing and Plagiarism Awareness guide and quiz: (log into Blackboard to do the quiz)
  • Video on resources for writing skills, courses available


Submitting Your Assignments

Using the library and library resources

Finding resources in your subject area: reading lists and locating books


Getting print books from the University libraries


Booking and using library study spaces

  • Individual and silent study spaces will be made available in the library and they must be booked in advance.
  • For more information on the upcoming booking service and using study spaces and library opening hours see our Library Services webpages
  • Remember to bring your Aber Card with you to enter the library at your pre-arranged time. Don’t lend your card to anyone else or use someone else’s card.
  • If you have any problems booking library study spaces, contact Information Services

Looking after yourself

Well-being Support


Peer Support

  • All academic departments have Peer Guides available to offer informal help, information, advice and guidance to newly arrived, first-year students
  • Your department will contact you about how to get in touch with your Peer Guide.
  • You can also request a Signpost Mentor who can provide more structured support to new students with all aspects of University life including academic planning, time-management, organisation, and motivation.


Taking Breaks

  • It is important that you take breaks during your day and your week.
  • Make sure you set aside time to eat meals, spend time relaxing, and taking part in social events or sports.
  • If you visit our cafes or sports facilities, don’t forget get to take your AberCard with you. Don’t lend your card to anyone else or use someone else’s card.