Your safety and wellbeing

For the benefit of the health and safety of everyone in the University and the wider community, we have worked with the Students’ Union to develop our 'Community Promises'. These pledges have been designed as steps we can all take as part of our efforts to protect each other’s safety. The promises are:

  1. Maintain good hygiene – wash hands regularly
  2. Keep our distance – follow guidelines
  3. Know who we are with – test and trace saves lives
  4. Protect those around us - wear a face covering where advised
  5. Respect each other - be kind

We are taking comprehensive steps to protect the health and wellbeing of every student and will always closely follow government guidelines. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adapting the University campus, including one-way systems, classroom layout changes and signage, to meet social distancing requirements;
  • Enhanced cleaning and hygiene arrangements, including providing hand sanitizer stations and regular cleaning of frequently touched surfaces;
  • Restructuring the timetable to support social distancing;
  • Contact tracing in co-operation with the local council and health board;
  • Expecting all staff, students and visitors to wear a face-covering while indoors on all University sites.

So that we can keep everyone safe, we have made adaptations to classrooms and teaching arrangements. These include:

  • Reducing capacity and room layouts to enable 2 metre social distancing between students and those teaching;
  • All teaching activities to start at ten minutes past the hour and finish at ten minutes to, allowing for twenty minute changeovers;
  • Enabling back to back or side to side working rather than face to face, where possible;
  • Signage on workstations and furniture not in use due to social distancing requirements;
  • Removing excess seats from rooms with flexible seating;
  • Enhanced surface cleaning;
  • Windows in teaching rooms should be open where possible;
  • Clear signage for access to and exit from teaching rooms;
  • Route plans to be available to all staff and students;
  • Where possible, teaching materials, such as handouts, will be available electronically; 
  • Hand sanitising stations at entry to buildings for all staff, students and visitors.