Your studies

We are aiming to deliver as much in-person teaching as is safely possible, and supplementing that with online delivery of teaching tailored to the needs of students.

In adapting our learning and teaching, we are fortunate that we can benefit from some of the unique advantages we have here in Aberystwyth. This includes our ability to use a wide array of additional buildings, significant space for small group teaching, and our spacious, rural environment.

We are planning to:

  • Adapt the curriculum so as to provide as much in-person provision as is safely possible;
  • Hold in-person smaller group sessions, such as tutorials, seminars, workshops and practicals;
  • In addition to these smaller in-person group sessions, some larger group teaching will be moved to tailored online sessions supplemented by more interactive activities in line with best practice.

For more information about assessments and exams Covid-19 Advice and information- examination and assessment document