Frequently asked questions

I’m having difficulty getting online and connecting to the University network. What shall I do?

Visit the Information Services website or call the Information Services Helpline on 01970 62(2400).

What happens if I fail to collect, or arrange collection of my belongings prior to the end of my accommodation licence agreement?

If you are unable to arrange collection of your belongings before the end of your accommodation licence agreement, please contact the Accommodation Office by emailing or ring 01970 622900 to discuss available options.


Students who do not arrange collection of their personal belongings before the end of their licence agreement, and are not contactable by the University, will be notified by email if the University needs to pack, relocate and store their belongings until they can be collected. You may be charged a fee for relocating and storing belongings, and you will be notified if this is the case.  Please note that the University will need to dispose of any perishable items during this process.  We would urge all students who have belongings in halls and do not plan to return before the end of their accommodation licence agreement to contact the Accommodation Office, if you have not done so already, via or 01970 622900