Covid-19 case numbers

Confirmed cases of Aberystwyth University students and staff who have tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This page will be updated every working day with figures that are correct for the previous day. Data from the weekend will be added on Monday.

Last updated: 21/09/2021

Daily new confirmed cases

We have around 6,000 students and around 2,000 staff. 

The data we have included here reflects the information we hold about Aberystwyth University students and staff wherever they are currently living. Therefore the data below does not necessarily represent the number of cases in the Aberystwyth area; for those figures, please go to the Public Health Wales website.

The figures below are based on the University’s monitoring system which has been developed and established in co-operation with relevant partners. Cases are reported to us on the basis of positive tests. These figures are the responsibility of the University and are likely to reflect a different reporting period to the official Public Health Wales statistics. Please note that it is possible that some students included in our figures are also members of University staff. Staff case reporting is based on the date that the University is notified of a positive test result.


Date New student cases7 day rolling average
01/09/2021 1 0.43
02/09/2021 2 0.57
03/09/2021 1 0.57
04/09/2021 2 0.89
05/09/2021 1 1
06/09/2021 0 1
07/09/2021 0 1
08/09/2021 1 1
09/09/2021 1 0.89
10/09/2021 1 0.89
11/09/2021 0 0.57
12/09/2021 0 0.43
13/09/2021 1 0.57
14/09/2021 0 0.57
15/09/2021 0 0.43
16/09/2021 0 0.29
17/09/2021 0 0.14
18/09/2021 2 0.43
19/09/2021 0 0.43
20/09/2021 0 0.29







Daily Cases – Week Beginning 20 September 2021


New Cases

























Please note that there could be a difference between the total cases noted in the tables and graph above and the total number of cases noted below because of data we have received from the Ceredigion Contact Tracing Team. Historic data could be updated after initial publication in line with updates to our records. For historical data in table form, please click here  


The University will not be confirming any further details about affected students and staff in the interest of confidentiality.

All relevant public health information, including regular updates, can be found on the Welsh Government’s website and through Public Health Wales.

University Support

Our priority is the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and the wider community here in Aberystwyth. We’re working closely with the Ceredigion Contact Tracing team, and we are supporting all those affected by this awful virus. 

We have taken comprehensive steps to adapt our campus and our teaching and learning to protect the health and wellbeing of students, staff and the wider community.  We are working alongside our partners in Hywel Dda Health Board, Public Health Wales, Ceredigion County Council and others to implement any steps identified to reduce the risk of further transmission locally. 

We recognise this is a difficult and unprecedented time for many students, and we and the Students’ Union have a range of support services available to help them. These include:

Getting a Test

If you have symptoms (high temperature, new continuous cough, loss or change to sense of smell/ taste):

  • Self-isolate immediately;
  • Notify the University by logging into your student record (, click on the Personal tab and choose Report COVID-19 symptoms from the drop-down menu
  • Request a test;
  • If you receive positive test result, the Ceredigion Contact Tracing team will contact you.  You can share details of your movements with the team in confidence.

If you don’t have symptoms:

  • Keep at least 2m away from others – if you are already infected this will keep others safe;
  • Wear a face-covering within any public buildings;
  • Know who you are with – this could be vital for contact tracing to prevent further spread of Covid-19.

If you are identified as a contact:

  • You will be called by the Ceredigion Contact Tracing team;
  • Please follow their requirements carefully – and self-isolate.