Document Retention Guidance for Structural Funds Projects

For any European Programme to be successful, it is essential that all Projects funded by the EU contribute to the delivery of overall targets and Objectives. Accurate information on spend and achievement of outputs is crucial to the measurement of progress and the identification of problems at an early stage.

Effective monitoring and recording systems are essential components in the successful management of all projects. They should be considered and built in at the development stage, and then maintained for the life of the scheme.

Record keeping is often perceived as placing an additional burden on project staff, so it is important that systems are as simple and straightforward as possible. It is also helpful to remember that good recording can save a lot of time in the long run, especially when the project is subject to audit.

How long should European Social Fund project documentation be retained?

You must keep your original documents about implementing and financing the project until three years after the European Commission makes the final payment for the Structural Funds to WEFO.

This means at least until 2025 but since it is unclear when WEFO will receive final payment from the European Commission the Project Sponsor must retain all documents until WEFO informs the Project Sponsor in writing that it is safe to destroy them.

Download as PDF: Document Retention Guidance for Structural Funds Projects