Graduate Traineeship

The Erasmus+ Scheme provides three different types of programmes for students to Study or Work Abroad.
 Broadly speaking, their purpose is to create cross-cultural awareness and increase foreign language skills. 

Of these three programmes, the Graduate Traineeship offers an extra element.  Alongside the cultural benefits already listed, it is specifically designed to increase employability amongst newly graduated students.

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Graduate traineeships are available to students as long as they meet the European Commission criteria listed below, and are dependent on availability.


Graduate Documents


The graduate traineeship programme offers a wealth of opportunity.  Please contact the Study Abroad Office via for more details.

What the Graduate Traineeship programme offers


  • The opportunity to take up a placement within a structured programme and with the benefit of the Erasmus+ platform.
  • The chance to gain work experience in a European country after graduating.
  • Add new skills and competences to your employment record.
  • Improve your CV right out of university.
  • Guaranteed financial grant (not means tested).

In order to be eligible and secure an Erasmus placement

  • Submit application to Erasmus Team while enrolled in your final year of study.
  • Secure a placement within an eligible institution.
  • You may not have already completed a full year on any Erasmus+ placement.  A total limit of 12 months applies.  For example, if you previously spent 8 months within the Erasmus+ scheme, you may take up a graduate placement for a further 4 months.
  • The traineeship must be completed within 1 year after graduating.