The successful participation in European exchange schemes is greatly facilitated if you are fluent in the relevant European language. At Aberystwyth you are able to pursue a number of European Languages at a beginners’ level alongside or as part of your main degree subject. This provides you with a valuable preparation for your exchange visit. The benefits to you of a period abroad, either working or studying, include a working knowledge of the language and culture of another country and greater self-confidence. In addition employers are increasingly conscious of the value of the skills and attitudes which result from such experiences.

For more information on the Erasmus programme, please see the links below:

Lifelong Learning is an inniative run by the university to expand your horizons and employability skills.

If you are interested, please email Antonio Barriga Rubio with the following details:

  1. Language/s you speak, and that you would like to share
  2. Language/s you are learning, and that you would like to improve with the help of your tandem partner
  3. Your e-mail