Training Mobility

Staff Training mobility

  • Staff mobilities are available to any staff member who is a registered employee of Aberystwyth University

Practical Options.  You may wish to:

  • visit a university or other enterprise for the purpose of taking part in seminars, workshops, language training or conferences
  • job‑shadow, learn best practice, new techniques and discover innovative methods of working
  • meet with your counterpart at another instutution to discuss theory and exchange ideas in person
  • visit a university during their 'International Week' to explore their global outlook and network with a wide range of European counterparts 
  • receive training in your specific field and/or area of interest
  • network and share knowledge

Examples of Staff Mobility Opportunities:


  • Begin by emailing to make a declaration of interest. Please supply us with: your name, department, where you wish to go and your prefered dates of travel.
  • Places are limited - mobilities are alloted on a first come, first served basis.  

Application Process:

  • Choose an institution to visit and correspond with the HEI / enterprise to confirm they are happy to host you for an Erasmus+ Staff mobility.  The Erasmus+ team are happy to help and can contact the host if needed.                                                
  • Complete a brief Staff Mobility Agreement Training and submit this to the Erasmus+ team before departure.  The partner HEIs must agree to the visiting lecturer's Teaching Programme in advance, as they are responsible for the quality of the mobility period.

  • You will be given priority if you are going abroad with Erasmus+ for the first time

Essential Details:

  • Length of mobility (not including travel days):  Minimum 2 days / Maximum 5 days.
  • Travel days before and after included in grant award.
  • Travel expenses and subsistence costs are reimbursed up to the maximum allowance calculated by the European Commission.  Receipts must be produced.  Please contact us for more details.  
  • Supplementary allowances may also be available for staff with special needs 


Please read the staff teaching mobility section of the Erasmus+ Operational handbook for more information including the Proposed Costs which are located within the guides section.

Documentation to be completed:

Staff members who have completed their staff teaching or training mobility will need to complete the following documentation:

  • Expenses form for staff mobility
  • Participant Report for staff  -this must be completed by all staff as soon as possible upon completion of their mobility. You will be sent a link from the British Council to upload the report.  This report is very short.