Mustakkima Afrin

Mustakkima Afrin

Studying: PhD Economics

From: Bangladesh

I have decided to pursue my higher studies in Aberystwyth University as this university has the cutting edge of science-environment discovery which allows me to work with intellectual people who share a common interest that empowers us with better qualification.

Why have you chosen to be a Global Ambassador?

As a Global Ambassadors, I would be able to promote Aberystwyth abroad, build connections and help our students develop an international scope to their academic experience.  Also, I would be able to involve in include peer advising, tabling at events throughout campus and sharing information during events. I would be able to promote the cultural diversity and high quality education of Aberystwyth.

What is the best thing about being an international student?

The best thing of being an international student is to forge solid relationships for the future as well as strong skills for my career. I've learnt a lot about the real world whilst living in a supportive environment as the friendly and global town ambiance and university staffs always helped me to feel at home. The best part for me is to live in a picture-perfect town where a beautiful beach is in front and a magnificent hill in the backdrop. I am thoroughly enjoying my education here and loving every part of it!

My Course:

I have completed my Masters from this University and currently doing my PhD in Economics in Business School. I am researching on “Evaluating the effects of pollution on river ecosystem goods and services in Bangladesh and designing appropriate policy responses”.

Social life:   

I was enthusiastic and determined from early childhood. I am actively involved in socialization activities from my childhood and have a keen desire to shape up society through my leadership and intellectual qualities. I have participated in various voluntary activities throughout my youth. My experience in social welfare and determination to improve to social welfare has brought me into research and academic sector. I am currently involved in social awareness program like dementia awareness and mental health needs, volunteering as a residence assistant to promote student welfare in university accommodation and participating in multiple open days and events to promote university image to prospective students.

Clubs and societies

I am currently volunteering as a Residence Assistant. I participate in various events organised by the university. I am especially responsible to generate various social events on behalf of the accommodation office for the resident students and in general. These events are in association with different clubs and societies which take place every week for cultural and social affiliation. Also, I meet regularly with Asian, Middle eastern and Muslim community as part of my affiliation.

Best thing about Aberystwyth?

I like Aber! My favourite things about this place are of course, the scenery— I love how sometimes when I am on the bus or just walking by the sea, I can appreciate how beautiful it is— and the people here! I have had good experience with everyone I have met, so that is a great thing. The best part would be the cultural diversity and openness of the people of this town.

Advice for prospective students?

Aberystwyth is a wonderful place to live in and study. As a prospective student, you will have enough options from world-class staff and facilities to choose your favourite subject. Along with the city buzzes with students and it is easy to mingle with people as they are open-minded and friendly.  

Has the University been supportive during your time here?

The university staffs have been very cordial from the beginning which helped me settle in here without any changes in my lifestyle. As an international student, I always thought that I have to change my lifestyle and preferences to settle into a new environment. However, the university setup and environment has largely helped me to settle into my life in Aberystwyth. The opportunities are extremely intriguing in this University which has open new potential and made me more successful in my career path.

Your future

I am thoroughly enjoying my education and professional career in Aberystwyth University, UK. I believe, I have availed the opportunity through my passion, dedication and hard work. After completing my PhD, I aspire to develop socio-economic framework of Bangladesh through my research.