Kenneth Waltz Memorial Lecture 2021 - 'International/ Inter-Carbonic Relations', Prof Jan Selby - Now Online

The implications of climate change on international politics.

The implications of climate change on international politics was the subject of this year’s Kenneth Waltz Memorial Lecture, which took place online on Thursday 14 October.

Hosted by the Department of International Politics, the Kenneth Waltz Memorial Lecture 2021 was be given by Professor Jan Selby of the University of Sheffield.

Climate change and ecological challenges have made it necessary to rethink various aspects of international politics: not just how co-operation in the international political system can be facilitated but also, more fundamentally, how we understand the very nature and history of international politics. In his lecture Professor Selby provocatively proposed that we consider international politics as ‘inter-carbonic’ - fundamentally entangled with carbon. Important implications arise for how we understand the history of international politics, the discipline of International Relations, the climate challenge, and possibilities for future politics.

This lecture is now available to view online via our YouTube Channel.

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 09:57:00 BST