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BA History, Leuven University
BA History, Leuven University
MA History, Leuven University
MSc Business Economics, University College Brussels
MA European Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Europe

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Dr Patrick Finney, Dr Alistair Shepherd


Project title: “Truth-seekers or Peace-brokers: The League of Nations and its Commissions of Inquiry”

Commissions of Inquiry appear in all aspects of the institution’s functioning, from dispute settlement to international co-operation in the area of women trafficking, yet up to now their internal proceedings and deliberations, as well as their overall significance in the history of the League ‘experiment’, remain overlooked. The research project examines processes of factual inquiry and knowledge production within a highly politicised international environment embodied in the work of League Inquiry Commissions, in order to grasp how the quest for objective truth intersected with political deal-making. Who were the League’s experts, and what bearing did their findings have on the conduct of international politics?


General Research Interests

International organisations, European integration, inter-war international history, global migration and mobility patterns

Publications and Conference Papers

Journal Articles

Cloet, Quincy, ‘Two sides to every story(teller): Competition, continuity and change in narratives of European integration’, Journal of Contemporary European Studies (forthcoming 2017).


Dowdwall, Alex, Quincy Cloet, and Richard Butterwick-Pawlikowski, Breaking Empires, Making Nations? The First World War and the Reforging of Europe (Warsaw: Natolin European Centre, 2018).

Cloet, Quincy, Jürgen Habermas and Andrew Moravcsik: A Dialogue on European Integration, the Nation-State, Democracy and Identity (Warsaw: College of Europe Natolin Campus, 2014).

Book Chapters

Cloet, Quincy, Sara Cosemans, and Idesbald Goddeeris. “Mobility as a Transnational Strategy: Sikhs Moving to and from Belgium.” In Sikh across Borders: Transnational Practices of European Sikhs, edited by Kristina Myrvold and Knut Jacobson. Continuum, 2012.

———. “Migratie en interne breuklijnen: sikhs in België.” In Migratie: winnaars en verliezers, edited by Cedric Ryngaert and Michèle Morel, 97–110. Acco, 2011.

Book Reviews

Cloet, Quincy. “Europe Since 1989. A History.” Europe-Asia Studies 69, no. 8 (September 14, 2017): 1318–20. https://doi.org/10.1080/09668136.2017.1377455.

Cloet, Quincy, ‘Europe’s Path to Crisis: Disintegration via Monetary Union’, Transnational Social Review, 7, no. 3 (2017): 337–39. https://doi.org/doi:10.1080/21931674.2017.1359997.

Cloet, Quincy, ‘Serbia and the Balkan Front, 1914. The Outbreak of the Great War’, Europe-Asia Studies, 69 (2017), 179–80 https://doi.org/10.1080/09668136.2016.1265808.

Conference Papers

“The League of Nations and its Commissions of Inquiry: The Chaco Dispute” (September 2017) – British International History Group Annual Conference, Keele (United Kingdom)

“Britain and the League of Nations: The balance between burden and leadership” (May 2017) – Graduate Conference for Europe, Birmingham (United Kingdom).

“International expertise and knowledge production in the realm of world politics: The League of Nations and its inquiry into forced labour in Liberia” (September 2016) – Practice of International History in the Twenty-First Century: Transnational Approaches to the History of International Relations, Leeds (United Kingdom)

“Competing Narratives of European Integration: Insights from the inter-war period for the EU’s narrative turn” (October 2015) - UACES Workshop „Narratives of the EU”, Bruges (Belgium)

“European Integration after the First World War: Solidarity and Exchange between intellectuals in the inter–war European discourse” (April 2015) - GRACEH 2015 – 9th Graduate Conference in European History – Crisis and Solidarity in European History, Vienna (Austria)

Mapping the Interwar European Debate: The European Movement and the Shape of a Common Identity (1919-1939) (June 2014) – Annual Conference History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS), Maastricht (Netherlands)

Funding Awards

UACES Grant for the Exploration of the UACES Archives and Oral History Interviews (2017)

Caroline Adams Travel Bursary, Department of International Politics (2016)

EH Carr Doctoral Studentship, Department of International Politics (2016)

Bronislaw Geremek Scholarship for History Graduates, College of Europe/European Parliament (2012)



Teaching Experience

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (July 2017)

AU 2017-2018: IP22020 The Cold War (seminars and lecture)

AU 2016-2017: IP33320 NATO: The Making and Breaking of Alliances (seminars)

AU 2015-2016: IP36420 The Second World War in Europe (module convenor and seminars)

AU 2015-2016: IP12820 The Making of the Modern World: International History since 1789 (seminars)

College of Europe 2014-2015: Introduction to the Idea of Europe (postgraduate introductory course)

College of Europe 2014-2015: Central and Eastern Europe since 1914 (seminars)

College of Europe 2014-2015: History of Europe (seminars)

PISM & Collegium Civitas Warsaw 2014-2015: “History of the European Idea” (postgraduate course)

College of Europe 2013-2014: Eastern Europe since 1914 (seminars)

Professional Membership

International History Research Group (IP Aberystwyth), Co-convener

Journal of Contemporary European Research, Editorial Assistant

UACES Student Forum, Committee Member

British International History Group, Member

British International Studies Association, Member




Links of Interest

H-Commons: https://hcommons.org/members/quincycloet/

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Quincy_Cloet

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quincycloet