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Full details of University Procedures and regulations can be found on the Academic Registry website



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Extensions, Special Circumstances and resits

Students must apply for an extension if for unavoidable reasons they are unable to submit coursework on time, by completing the Coursework Deadline Extension Request Form. The request form is available on the University website under 3.13 Templates and provides detailed advice on the circumstances in which extensions may be granted, the length of extensions, and what to do if an extension is not possible or permitted.

Extensions Officers are listed at https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/taught-schemes/officers/


Special circumstances

If you wish to report special circumstances, information and a link to the form can be found in Section 3.8 of the Academic Quality Handbook, see 3. Assessment of Taught Schemes  : Academic Registry , Aberystwyth University.  The form should be submitted to inpstaff@aber.ac.uk.


Resit information

If you have queries about resits contact Dr James Vaughan Deputy Director of Learning and Teaching, or email interpol@aber.ac.uk.

External Examiners