See the World

Expand your academic and social horizons. Challenge yourself. Acquire a new language. See the world. 

Studying abroad is one of the best choices you can make for learning new skills and enhancing your CV. 

You can study at one of our famous partner universities in Europe or further afield, for a semester or (if for a joint degree with a European language) a whole year.

Where you can go

Use the map below to navigate InterPol's undergraduate exchange agreements or select from the list of universities on the right-hand side.

Partner Universities

Europe (Erasmus exchange):

Bilkent University
Strasbourg University (Université Robert Schuman)
Technische Universität Darmstadt
University of Paris - Sorbonne
University of Tampere
University of the Basque Country
University of Wrocław
Leiden University - The Netherlands

The World:

American University
Griffith University
McGill University
Renmin University
St. Petersburg State University
University of Victoria

How to apply

Contact Elaine Lowe at InterPol for details. 

Funding your journey

Students participating in the Erasmus scheme, designed to support visits to European universities, receive financial support from the EU and enjoy access to language courses at the host institution.

Departmental funding of up to £250 per student is available to participants in non-Erasmus exchanges. To learn more about Erasmus, click here. To apply for departmental funding for non-Erasmum schemes, contacts Elaine Lowe.

See what others say

The Exchange Program is hands down one of the best life experiences I have had so far, to travel to the other side of the world to explore new horizons and cities and to meet new people opens up your mind to a world outside of the UK. The department offers numerous European countries and semesters in Canada and Australia. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous the night before flying out but by the time you get on that plane to come back to the UK you realise that you’ve had another life, made new friends and got into new routines. You almost wish that it would never end. For me studying in Australia for nearly half a year wasn’t just to broaden my academic horizons, but to discover a part of the world that I certainly thought I’d never be able to experience let alone live there before I came to study at Aberystwyth. You’ll make friends there, not just for a semester but for a lifetime.