Supporting students

Personal Tutors

All students have Personal Tutors.  Their role is to be 'on your side' and to offer general advice.  For example, you might ask them about how to manage your essay deadlines or about careers ideas, but you might also visit them if you are having troubles and don't know quite who to talk to.  We can lend a sympathetic ear - and we can help you to find help.  You can visit them in drop-in hours or email them to make an appointment.  If the issues are serious we can see you quickly.

If you wish to change your Personal Tutor - no questions asked - email

You can find the name of your personal tutor on your student record

Student Support

Student Support offers a wide range of services, from financial advice to counselling, from childcare to relaxation classes - Student Support

Dyslexia and DSA support

Students who have the Disabled Students's Allowance, which can include dyslexia, are supported in their studies by the University's Student Support Services.  If you think you may be dyslexic, contact them to find out more - Assessment Centre