24 hour library opening feedback 2015


At the end of January / start of February 2015, we put up a noticeboard downstairs in Hugh Owen Library asking for feedback on the Hugh Owen Library being open for 24-hour periods during term-times. We were delighted to receive 255 responses and suggestions. While we received lot of positive feedback on the library opening hours specifically, we also received very helpful feedback covering a range of IS services and facilities. Thank you to all of you who took the time to respond and share your thoughts. We always welcome feedback as a way of shaping the service we provide for all of our users but also appreciate receiving positive feedback.

"I just would like to say thanks to all the librarians and the Hugh Owen staff. Thank you on behalf of all students for being so kind and helpful every time we need help, we really appreciate your work"

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  • "It's absolutely brilliant, helps immensely with a big work load and puts us one step closer to the big players in the university landscape."
  • "24 hour opening is a great idea, thanks for the lolly!"
  • "Best decision Information Services has made for the students."
  • "I have found the library being open 24 hours to be extremely useful for studying- especially during exams. It provides a much quieter area than places such as apartments and the Rosser Lounge and being able to withdraw books at late hours of the day is beneficial for those who have a busy schedule or simple enjoy late night study."
  • "24 hour, even on a Sunday"
  • "Always 24 hours"
  • "Open later on a Sunday"


We are glad that existing 24-hour opening periods have been useful to you. We welcome all feedback during this trial period of 24-hour opening in the Hugh Owen Library. Following this trial period, we will consider the feasibility of further extended library opening hours.
  • "Why are books on our reading list only available for 3 day loan? Wouldn't it be better to have more copies and a longer loan time?"
  • "More access to online journals and e-books"
  • "More books on Asian literature"
  • "More French, Italian and Spanish novels"
  • "More military history books. Access to RUSI"
  • "Access to Science Journal"
  • "More countryside related books"

For information on how you can order books through the library, please visit our More Books campaign (Students only).

Please speak with your lecturer if a book on their reading list is not available in the library, if you feel there should be more copies available or if a greater range of books is required to support your learning.

Information on print and online resources for individual subjects is at: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/subject/ and these can be accessed via Primo, the library catalogue
  • "More water fountains throughout library."
  • "Have a water fountain in the library. 24hr is a great idea though."
  • "More water foundtains with cold water"
  • "Free water machine please. Loving the 24 hours"
We are pleased to report that a new water fountain was installed at the start of March 2015 in the Group Study Area, Hugh Owen Library on Level E. http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/news/item/?id=10931
  • "As the library now open 24/7 a coffee machine on the ground floor would be awesome for late night study sessions."
  • "Yes to 24hr! Though coffee would be nice"
  • "Please keep the 24 hour opening of the library. Possible suggestion is a coffee machine for the late night students"
A coffee machine will be installed by the end of March 2015 in the Group Study Area, Hugh Owen Library on Level E.
  • "Please can we have heating and kettles. Its so cold in the library, especially on level F"
  • "24hr heating, gets very cold at night. Food/drink area e.g. kettle"
  • "Top floor is very cold by the windows. Turn the heating up"
Thank you for your feedback. Temperatures within library buildings are managed by the University Estates Department. Information Services staff monitor the temperature daily in each area of the library and feedback data and comments from library users. We are aware of certain areas in our libraries that are susceptible to being cold. Please continue to report when you are cold in the library so that we can report to Estates to ensure a comfortable working environment.
  • "More computers"
  • "Using cheaper, more basic computers as quick search terminals could free up resources for work computers."

Our Computer Availability service shows live data on how many computers are available in each library and computer room across the University: http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/computers/rooms/availability/

We regularly monitor usage of computers in our libraries and computer rooms and make changes based on use. In 2014, we added extra computers in all areas of the Hugh Owen Library.

  • "More quiet places"
  • "The noise of the vending machine in the Group Study room 4 in TPL has been disturbing people working there. Can it be moved out to another location?"
  • "Enforce silent study zones on level E. They are super loud"
  • "Great! But would be nice if from time to time someone popped into E floor to ask for silence"
  • "Level F- silent floor to do work, but too noisy due to people talking or loud music through headphones."
  • "Prevent people from listening to music on Level F. Distracting!"
  • "Ban people from listening to music on level F"

We are continually looking at ways in which we can provide a range of study spaces to suit all types of study requirements in our libraries. While we are aware that occasionally noise can be heard on Level E outside the Group Study Area in the Hugh Owen Library, as well as by the printers, we are keen to make library users aware that Level F is designated entirely for silent study, and the Tom Lloyd Silent Study Suite on Level F provides a silent environment with access to computers. During core hours our staff do regularly monitor noise levels – both in the Group Study Area when noise levels can get too high, but also throughout the library enforcing quiet in the silent study zones. If you are being bothered by noise in a silent study area, please do speak with a member of Information Services' staff within termtime staffed hours (8:30am-10pm Mon-Fri and 10am-6pm weekends) so that they can take action. Now the Hugh Owen library is open 24 hours for the majority of the week during termtime, we ask students, in the absence of a staffed-service between 10pm and 8:30am, to 'self-police' the quiet study areas. If students do want to continue conversations or work in groups, they should be advised that there are designated spaces in the library for them to do so. Our library zoning policy can be seen at http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/library/study-zones/

The Hugh Owen library will soon also be trialling an SMS/text noise reporting service so that students can discretely report any noise issues to members of staff.

  • "More plug sockets!"
  • "More sockets"
  • "More extension plugs in law library."
We are aware of the ongoing requirement for more plug sockets in the Group Study Area, Hugh Owen Library on Level E. Having the Group Study Area in its current location on Level E is a temporary solution while we plan a better, more enclosed location for those people who need a space to work more collaboratively (a group study area) and this new space will include improved access to power sockets.
  • "Health food options in vending machines. Nuts, soups, seeds."
  • "I really like the library being open loads. The vending machines are really expensive"
  • "Serve Food"
Following discussions with Hospitality Services (which were a result of feedback received in last year's IS Suggestions Harvest), we are pleased to announce that the vending machines in both libraries will soon be stocked with healthy alternatives.
  • "Eat in more areas"
  • "Let people eat and drink, then provide more bins"
  • "Allow eating on more floors"
  • "Stress to students the annoyance of bringing hot food like big pizza boxes into the library. It stinks out an entire floor and leaves a really nasty mess for other users of the library."

We do not currently allow hot food in any of our libraries, due to the extra rubbish and odours hot food can produce. This can disturb other library users. We do, however, allow the consumption of cold food on Level D and in the Group Study Area on Level E in the Hugh Owen Library. General waste bins are provided throughout our libraries and recycling bins can be found near exit points on each floor or area. Our library zoning policy can be seen at http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/is/library/study-zones/

  • "Expand the time to borrow books"
  • "Less fines, longer times"
  • "Less fines, longer times to take books out
  • "Less fines"
We are currently consulting with staff, library users and the Students' Union to review our loan periods for books and other loan stock. We are also looking into the way in which fines are calculated and charged.