Physical Sciences Library Survey - our Response and Action Plan

‌Information Services conducted a survey in May 2016, asking IMPACS staff and students for feedback on their use of the Physical Sciences Library. This included those who do not currently use it, so that we can discover ‌some of the reasons for this. The data from the survey was very informative and will be used to plan improvements for the library including working with estates on future plans.



By far, the most important service of PSL to users is the access to books and other resources, with almost half of responses mentioning them as a response to the first question. Also highly valued by students are the study spaces (especially the distinction between silent and group area) and computer access. These areas should be the focus of any current action.

Summary – students’ most important services are:

  • Access to Books.
  • Study Spaces.
  • Computer access.


The second question resulted in a high number of varied suggestions on how to improve the Physical Sciences Library, however, many of these seem to be shared concerns. For example, the need for more plug sockets is flagged up by a high number of students, as was the request for better temperature control and improved windows.

In addition, several students suggested that more study space, especially group study space, is needed, and the lack of enough computers and required reading books is also an issue for several students.

 Areas to focus on:

  • More plug sockets
  • Temperature control
  • Better windows


Again, there is an array of different responses to the final question, but it is encouraging that the most common response is a somewhat positive one. Similarly, the comments about pleasant and helpful staff are excellent in terms of the work IS as a whole puts into customer service. These things aside, some persistent problems do re-surface here, for example the need for more silent and group study zones.

Areas to focus on:

  • Maintaining standards of customer service
  • Study zones