Information Services User Survey 2017: Results Summary

Introduction: Information Services (IS) conducts an extensive User Survey every March covering all services and provides comparative data that we use to identify trends and plan our services. A gap analysis identifies the biggest gaps between “importance” and “satisfaction” and this information is used to target services and facilities that require more attention.

For some of the actions taken by Information Services based on this and other feedback and comments received throughout 2016-17, please see Your Voice Matters: Information Services.

Click here for accessible version of chart data, or here for a his-res version.

Chart Data

Overall, Information Services delivers a good service to me (out of 5)  
2012 3.97
2013 4.04 
2014 3.98 
2015 4.11
2016 4.22
2017 4.31
What do you use the library for? 
Borrow or return books 33%
Individual study 32%
Group study/work on shared projects 17%
Use an Information Services computer 17%
Other, inc printing, help and support, equipment loans 2%
 Do you think that our fines are: 
About right 71%
Too high 21%
Too low 3%
Other 5%
Survey Respondents 
Undergraduate 87%
Postgraduate 8%
Staff 3%
Distance Learner 2%
Other 0%