Primo for Researchers

Primo is the Aberystwyth University library catalogue and offers fast full-text searching of journal and database records from participating publishers. As a researcher it is worth spending some time experimenting with the many search refining options and the My Library Account and Saved items services. 

primoSearch the library catalogue 

The default search is of Aberystwyth University's library catalogue


primoSearching articles and full-text online

Primo can be used to search for millions of journal articles and database records, with full-text links, harvested from participating publishers; when searching, select Articles from the drop down menu on the right side of the search box.

For information on how to search for articles using Primo, see our FAQ.


primoSearching subject databases

Through Aberystwyth University you have access to a diverse range of internationally developed databases on every subject with links to citations, full text articles, data, and archival resources:

  • Click A-Z of E-resources in Primo to browse all our subscribed databases and some high-quality free online resources
  • You can find databases on specific subjects on our subject information pages
  • Databases include amongst others: Digimap Ordnance Survey, ERIC, Gale Reference Complete, Institute of Physics, Lexis®Library, LISTA, Mass Observation, PsycARTICLES, ScienceDirect, Web of Knowledge, and Westlaw. 


primoFind full-text online on and off-campus

Although different publishers provide full text access in different ways you can access Aberystwyth University’s e-resources on and off campus:

  • Look out for the @Aber buttons in search results in subscribed databases; clicking on the button will check our e-journal holdings for full-text
  • Follow the advice here when working off-campus to ensure you can access e-books, e-journals and online databases subscribed to by Aberystwyth University

For more information please contact your subject librarian.