Current Awareness for employability

When it comes to job hunting, an awareness of current local, national and global affairs and how they affect businesses in your chosen field will prove invaluable

Even if you don't know yet what type of company you would like to work for, you can still Keeping up to Date.

Global Affairs



Gale Reference Complete

A online databse which is updated daily and will give you access to over 12,000 different sources of news. Gale Reference Complete is freely accessible on campus and through VPN off-campus.
BoB The university is subscribed to BoB (Box of Broadcasts), an online archive for off-air recordings. Currently BoB has over one million recordings which will be stored indefinitely on the site for their users. For access, just follow the link and log in with the details of your Aberystwyth student account.
Emerald Insight A database currently used by the Managment and Business department, Emerald Insight covers a varity of topics such as library and information management, engineering and finance.


Social Media ‌

One of the most notable social media platforms for the professionals is LinkedIn. You may already have an active account but if not it would be worth your time to subscribe. LinkedIn will allow you to build up a online profile, reflect on your personal skills and achievements and network with a wide range of employers in a varity of industries. 

Following an organisation on social media (be it LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook) is another way of keeping track of current affairs. More importantly, you can learn the issues which matter to a specific company. Incresingly companies are setting up Twitter feeds to cummnicate their iternal workings to the public, or even soley to advertise job vaccancies. You may also wish to subscribe to a company newsletter. 

Here are some Twitter feeds useful for job hunting: