Study Skills

Stop and think for a second about that essay of yours. On the surface it's just an answer to a question but it's more than that. Think of all the skills involved:

  • It can take hours of research and analysis
  • You need to compile all that data into a clear argument, while also working to a word count.
  • You rewrite to make sure everything's perfect, showing hard work and dedication to your studies.
  • You have to be organised, with the ability to work to deadlines just to hand everything in on time.

All this is just scratching the surface. You might not realise it, but your time at university is already helping you to develop attributes to set you apart as a graduate employee.

Student Skills Hub

 A range of advice and information is available to you in at AberSkills:

Library Resources

  • Primo, the library's online catalogue
  • Aspire the module reading list resource.

The university also maintains an Effective Study Collection located in the Hugh Owen library. This offers advice on a range of topics from research, time managment and academic writing. We especially recommend these for our first year undergraduate students.

For more information see the What to Read and How to Find it Information Skills page.