Supporting your learning

This information can be also found in the Supporting your Learning module on Blackboard (under My Organisations).




To make sure you are fully prepared for your teaching this year, we gathered essential information addressing different aspects of your student experience. 

Whether you are a new or returning student, it's important that you take the time to read through the whole resource - while some information may be familiar to you, there is likely to be a lot of information about support, resources, and teaching that is new.

To help you keep track of all the information covered, download the Supporting your Learning Checklist.

Teaching and learning

Managing Your Calendar

 Here are some suggestions for what you’ll need to do during your week.

Preparing for In-person Sessions

  • In-person sessions will be timetabled during the week
  • Have a look in your Outlook calendar to find out when your classes are and where you need to go
  • Take your AberCard with you; don’t lend your card to anyone else or use someone else’s card.
  • Login to Blackboard to find your preparation for the class. This might be reading, watching lecture recordings etc
  • Follow any instructions for attending the class
  • Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute
  • Any problems? Contact your lecturer


Participating in Teams Sessions


Online Meeting Guidance

 Even though your session might be taking place online, approach it in the same way as you would an in-person teaching session.

  • Make sure that you join the meeting using your AU username and password. If you are using Teams the easiest way to do this is to sign into before following the link to the meeting.
  • Arrive to your meeting on time
  • Dress as you would do for an in-person seminar
  • Use a background to your video if you don’t want others to see your room (
  • If you can’t use a webcam, add an appropriate profile picture in Teams. This will help your classmates and teachers know who you are when your camera is off.
  • If you use a different name to the one in your university record, you can set it as your Known As name. This will then appear when you login to Teams (
  • Make sure you have done any preparation work you were asked to do, and you have all the materials you need available
  •  Mute your microphone unless you are talking
  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect – listen to each other and don’t interrupt; don’t take screenshots or recording of others without their permission.
  • Stay in the live teaching session – it might be tempting to open browsers and look elsewhere, but give the live session your focus
  • Use the Raise your Hand function to alert others to the fact that you want to speak; your lecturer will help moderate this (
  • Only share your screen / images etc if you are asked to by your lecturer
  • Use the Chat function as advised by your lecturer and keep on topic. Remember that anything you share in the Chat can be seen after the meeting; this isn’t a good place to share personal information (
  • If you have problems with your audio being heard, you can try turning off your webcam
  • If you have problems with the incoming bandwidth, you can switch off incoming video which allows you to view a presentation but not other people’s webcams

Watching Lecture Recordings

  • Set aside time watch your recordings and take notes
  • All recordings will be in the Blackboard site for your module – look in Learning Materials.
  • Click on the link to the recording to open it
  • Any problems using Panopto? Contact


Using Blackboard


Preparing for Assignments

  • Add your assignment deadlines to your calendar – you can find these on Blackboard under the Assignment and Feedback link
  • Have a look at our resources on writing essays and assignments on AberSkills
  • Find out about Essential Aspects of Academic Practice
  • Learn how to cite correctly the information sources you use in your assignments by taking the Referencing and Plagiarism Awareness guide and quiz: (log into Blackboard to do the quiz)
  • Video on resources for writing skills, courses available


Submitting Your Assignments

Using the library and library resources

Finding Resources in Your Subject Area: reading lists and locating books


Getting Print Books From the University Libraries


Booking and Using Library Study Spaces

  • Individual and silent study spaces will be made available in the library and they must be booked in advance.
  • For more information on the upcoming booking service and using study spaces and library opening hours see our Library Services webpages
  • Remember to bring your Aber Card with you to enter the library at your pre-arranged time. Don’t lend your card to anyone else or use someone else’s card.
  • If you have any problems booking library study spaces, contact Information Services

Looking after yourself

Well-being Support


Peer Support

  • All academic departments have Peer Guides available to offer informal help, information, advice and guidance to newly arrived, first-year students
  • Your department will contact you about how to get in touch with your Peer Guide.
  • You can also request a Signpost Mentor who can provide more structured support to new students with all aspects of University life including academic planning, time-management, organisation, and motivation.


Taking Breaks

  • It is important that you take breaks during your day and your week.
  • Make sure you set aside time to eat meals, spend time relaxing, and taking part in social events or sports.
  • If you visit our cafes or sports facilities, don’t forget get to take your AberCard with you. Don’t lend your card to anyone else or use someone else’s card.