Email aliases

Information Services make available a system of email aliases to staff for their convenience and to help them make the email system more user friendly.

There are two types of aliases:

  • personal ones as a representation of a person’s actual name
  • those which are available for various groups and projects

Personal Aliases

  • Personal aliases are available for all members of staff.
  • They should be in one of the following formats
    H. Owen or Hugh.Owen or Hugh.H.Owen.
  • Each member of staff may only have one personal alias.
  • A personal alias remains current for as long as the user remains registered at AU

Other Aliases

  • Aliases for clubs and societies should make plain the function of the club or society. The owner of the club or society is the owner of the alias and ownership must be renewed annually.
  • Aliases for other groups, e.g. research groups must be appropriate and must comply with our rules on acceptability.
  • Owners of aliases other than personal ones will be emailed by the central system every three years to ask whether the alias is still required. If no response is received within 30 days, the alias will be deleted.

Acceptability Rules for all aliases

The following are NOT acceptable as aliases:

  • Single letter aliases
  • Single personal names
  • Any alias in a format similar to an existing login, e.g. xxx, xxx2, xxx02
  • Anything obscene or offensive
  • Anything that could be confused with a function or office of the University.

Applying for an alias

Email aliases are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you require an alias please email stating:

  • the alias required
  • the account you want it attached to
  • the reason you need it
  • how long you think you will need it for