Online Assessment

Several mid-semester assessments and final exams at Aberystwyth University are delivered online. It is an efficient way of delivering multiple answer questions or otherwise quantitative questions type exams. It is currently used by the Geography, IBERS, Physics and Computer Science departments. This year for the first-time online exams ran remotely for franchise students.

Online exams run on a separate, dedicated server which minimises the possibility of examination disruption. The interface for taking exams has accessibility features such as page contrast and font size adjustment and is easy to navigate. After students complete the exam, their grades are generated automatically and can be distributed with ease.


For students

How do I access my online exam? (Student)


For staff

Guide to Questionmark Perception (Online Exam Software) (please e-mail to request a copy)


Find out more about using online assessment from Dr Ruth Wonfor in the IBERS department.