Hosting Services for Non-AU Users

The following services are available for non-AU users who occupy office space on the University campuses on a commercial basis:

In addition all users can make use of our services for visitors.

Users will need to:

  • provide all their own equipment, software and cables. IP Phones should be purchased through Information Services to ensure compatability with our systems.
  • ensure any devices connected to our network are free from virus attacks, hacking or misuse by a third party

Charges for Hosting Services

Network connections Charge
Initial setup fee £60.00 including VAT
Single user £240 per annum* including VAT
Multiple users

£945 per annum* including VAT

Telephony Charge
Standing charge £26.30 per annum* including VAT
Call charges Based on use and calls made**
  *invoiced annually in advance
  **invoiced monthly in arrears
Associate Readership Charge
Single user £30.00 per quarter